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Spring Exam Preparation Course Parents

“My daughter did the maths SL course. Perfect pre-booking service: communication and payment Excellent organisation at the course. On time start and finish, intense and compact programme, no misused times, very efficient, excellent teaching methods. Covered all maths issues. IB results therefore outstanding (grade 6). Best method to prepare for final IB exams. Highly recommend the course in London Regents College.”
Linda – parent of Spring Course Student, Danube International School, Austria
“Great fun, very informative, hard work. My son ended up with a 7! He was predicted a definite 6 but a 7 on a good day so the course helped him to cross that border. Delighted. Good admin and communication. Would highly recommend.”
Will, parent of Spring Course Student, Frankfurt International School, Germany
“Lanterna Education was an excellent experience for my daughter. It allowed her to revise all the material she had covered throughout the course of two years in just a couple of days. Even though the courses are very intense, they give you the right amount of revision, and make sure that you then feel confident to enter that “scary” exam room in May when your exams start.

Another of Lanterna’s great qualities is the fact that the people who guided my daughter’s revision were students that had already gone through the IB Exams, and perfectly knew the feelings that an IB student experiences before the exams. The tutors at Lanterna provided my daughter with infallible tips and tricks that she was able to put into practise in the May 2013 exam session.

I recognize my daughter’s hard work, but at the same time I am also thankful to the Lanterna Education Program that enabled her to score a 43 on her IB Exams.”

Alessia, parent of Spring Course Student, International School of Milan, Italy
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Winter Revision Course Parents

“My daughter attended both winter and spring session with enthusiasm. She really needed a full revision in different subjects and above all to find peers with the same problems and doubts. I can say that without lanterna revision her good results in IB would have been not reached.”
Carlotta, parent of Winter & Spring Courses Student, The English International School of Padua, Italy
“My daughter attended both a mid IB summer course and a winter revision course for her IB Chemistry Higher level course in London. She found the tutoring excellent. It helped her achieve the grade that she required to gain entry to her degree and university of choice. If your son/daughter feels that they need some extra tuition or assistance with revision I would recommend Lanterna.”
Fiona, parent of Mid-IB & Winter Courses student, Richmond upon Thames College, United Kingdom
“[My son] appreciated the course being able to fully concentrate on one subject at a time. As a parent I believe the courses helped him to get his IB diploma.”
Jacob, parent of Winter & Spring Courses Student, Young Business Creatives, Sweden
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Mid-IB Summer Course Parents

“I am so grateful with the assistance my daughter got for her IB studies that was phenomenal, I had always wanted her to get the grades and get a place in university, which she achieved with the help from Lanterna. Well done guys you made my daughter’s dream come true.”
Sharlom, parent of Mid-IB Summer Course Student, North Oxfordshire Academy, United Kingdom
“Two daughters and my son joined some courses. It was a good “boost” for the exams preparations.”
Jan, parent of Pre-IB, Mid-IB, Winter & Spring Courses students, Haut-Lac International Bilingual School, Switzerland
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Pre-IB Summer Course Parents

“The course was very useful. My daughter learned a lot, she found the course very motivating and made new friends. All in all a very positive experience.”
Anne-Marie, parent of Pre-IB Summer Course Student, Etelä-Tapiolan Lukio, Finland
“Our son was very happy in Lanterna, he found the level of education very good, teachers very motivated and high level. He came back and was very motivated. He’s looking forward to come back next summer.”
Stanislas, parent of Pre-IB Summer Course Student, American Cooperative School of Tunis, Tunisia
“My son fully enjoyed the experience under all points of view and he is highly willing to come back next summer. Thanks a lot.”
Francesca, parent of Pre-IB Summer Course Student, Berlin Brandenburg International School, Germany
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