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Learn and progress with our Free IB Webinars

Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths… the IB is full of challenging subjects! We’re determined to help you succeed in all areas of the diploma by giving free advice on how to master those tricky exam questions and how to start revising! Each webinar will cover a different topic from the subject being taught.

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IA Science
Maths HL/SL
English A: Literature and
English A: Language & Literature
Chemistry HL/SL
IA History
Biology HL/SL
Revision Skills - Humanities
Economics HL/SL
Physics HL/SL
Revision skills - Science
Environmental Systems
and Societies SL (ESS)
IA Psychology
Biology HL/SL
Chemistry HL/SL
Maths HL/SL
Q&A with an Elite IB Alumni
Geography HL/SL
Maths SL Studies
Prepare for the IB
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