Trips and activities at the Pre-IB Summer Courses in the UK

A key component to academic success.

The trips and activities provide the perfect balance between hard work and having fun.

Dedicated Lanterna Social Staff organise trips on the transfer days and make sure that there is a full range of fun activities that you can take part in at the courses.

IB summer courses in the UK gives you a wide range activities to attend and fun things to do at the pre-ib summer school.

Day Trips During Transfer Days

During the last day of each course period, we organise day trips away from the course centre. These day trips are optional and available to students who are staying for two consecutive course periods. We leave in the morning and return in the evening of the transfer days. Student leaving after the specific course periods are not able to join the day trips as they are scheduled to be back at London Paddington Station by 11.00 a.m. the same day.

Students who are not joining the Day Trips will always have access to the sports facilities and organised activities at the Bradfield course centre.

Day trip in the middle of the Standard Course – Amusement Park

On July 31st (the last day of course period 2) we head to the amusement park Thorpe Park. Thorpe Park is one of Europe’s biggest and best known amusement parks situated on the outskirts of London. We will provide you with entrance tickets which includes unlimited access to the attractions so that you can focus on having a fantastic time. The fee to attend the day trip to Thorpe Park is GBP 89.

Day trip between the Standard Course and Advanced Skills add-on – Sightseeing and shopping in London

On August 5th (the last day of course period 3) we will be making a trip to central London to give students a chance to experience the world metropolis that is the capital of the United Kingdom. While you are free to explore the city on your own to experience the sights and districts (or shopping streets!) that you have been looking forward to, you will also have the opportunity to join the Lanterna team for a tour of the most well-known sights, including e.g. Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abby, Hyde Park and much more! In either case, you will be provided with a day travel card to get you around central London.

Course Centre Activities

Throughout your stay at the course centre, our Social Staff will be there to make sure you have the best possible time with us. They make sure that there is something to do during the day when you are not in class, and they have always got things planned for evening activities. In the past, these have included football tournaments as well as quiz nights, Lanterna Olympics as well as talent shows.

Day Time Activities

During the day, when you are not in class, you can always rely on our Social Staff helping you find something to do. Bradfield College prides itself on offering excellent sports facilities, including vast football pitches, a large sports hall suitable for badminton, indoor tennis, basketball or table tennis. There are also outdoor tennis and basketball courts, and you can always borrow equipment from us. Finally, there is also an indoor pool to access if you want to go swimming – but don’t forget your swimming gear!

Throughout the day, you will also have access to the common room. This is the place to hang out if you want to watch a film, play some games, or merely have a chat with your friends. Many students also gather here in the morning or afternoon to work in homework they have been assigned in class.

Evening Activities

Once the homework session has ended, you are done for the day in terms of studying! The end of the homework session also marks the beginning of the evening activities however, and thus the time of the day when you will really get to know your fellow students as you take part in activities organised and prepared by the Lanterna Social Staff. These activities have been immensely appreciated in the past, and have provided an opportunity for many long-lasting friendships to be formed.

At our Facebook page you can see pictures and videos from our courses last year.

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