Mid-IB Summer Courses

For students in the first year of the IB Diploma Programme. Get on top of a years worth of studying and build your skills and confidence for your final, most important, IB year.

Build key IB skills

With the right techniques you can drastically improve. Get the tools you need not only to understand your subject, but also to score points on exam questions.

Get motivated & inspired

Having fun is key for learning. Meet students from all over the world, take part in daily free activities and learn from successful IB graduates.

Improve your grades

Understand what the IB requires from you in your subjects and learn how to really show that you possess the knowledge required to get the grades you want.

Choose from two different destinations

Bradfield, England

Sigtuna, Sweden

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Hear from other Mid-IB Course students

“I feel I have basic knowledge of subjects that I was struggling with and feel I can now continue working independently by myself, with the confidence that I can achieve 38 points.”
Bako, Mid-IB Summer Course Student
“At Lanterna I enjoyed having an equal balance between work and fun. The Social Staff and friends I made during my stay will be the most memorable thing”
Alex, Mid-IB Summer Course Student