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 Mid-IB Summer Camp – Malaga, Spain

Spend half your day on the beach and the other in class. It is the perfect way to combine your studies and a beach vacation!

At a glance

  • Classes run August 2 –  12 2017

  • Choose up to 2 subjects from over 10 IB subjects

  • Choose from a range of IB Skills Workshops

  • Take part in a range of day trips and activities

  • Consolidate year one, kick-start year two 


Sotogrande International School

A prestigious IB world school on the beautiful Andalusian Coast and just  5 minutes from Sotogrande harbour and beach, is the home our Mid-IB Summer Camp in Spain.

Located just a short bus journey away from Malaga, Sotogrande International School is well known for its beautiful surroundings, outstanding facilities and high academic standard. It is the ideal setting to prepare yourself for IB success while having an amazing and inspirational summer. It is also the perfect base for day excursions around sunny Andalusia with its fabulous beaches and exciting activities. 

Mid-IB Summer Course Students can enjoy a variety of sports activities
Tutor teaching the IB class at the spring exam preparation course
Mid-IB Summer Course Students can enjoy the swimming pool

Teaching – The Lanterna Method

Go through the syllabus and have your questions answered, so that you have a solid foundation for the next year! We will also give you an introduction to some trickier aspects of the syllabus for the final year.

Review your topics from the first year of the diploma and create study notes for your subjects. Revision and repetition of material is the key to remembering!

Get the opportunity to tackle some exam questions and understand how to use what you’ve learnt so far to score points in the final exams.

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The Fun

Full time Social Crew are always around at the summer camp (and on the beach) to ensure there is never a dull moment! They are always ready to hit the beach, set up a game of waterpolo in the pool, or organise a football tournement. A gret way to make friends! As well as all the fun things, they are also on hand to give advice and help students at any time.

  • Sport & Games – Football, tennis, swimming

  • Baking, arts & craft

  • Challenges & performances

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Mid-IB Summer Course Students are taught by elite-IB alumni

Your tutors

At the Mid-IB Summer Camp, you will be taught by elite IB alumni who did exceptionally well in the IB diploma and have gone on to study at top universities around the world, including the Universities of Oxford & Cambridge. They have proven they have exceptional subject knowledge and can explain all the difficult parts of the syllabus in a way that you really can relate to. On top of that, they will share all their best exam tips & tricks with you.

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Mid-IB Summer Course Students can enjoy regular trips to the beach

Day trips

If you study more than one IB subject you will stay for more than one course period and so you will be able to take part in a range of day trips on tuition free days between periods. This summer we will be running the following trips:

  • Crocodile Park and Aqualand
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