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Scholarships for IB study courses

We’re determined to help you succeed in all areas of the diploma by giving free advice and guides on how to manage them.
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At Lanterna, we believe that all IB students who are passionate about their studies, no matter where they come from, should have the chance to reach their potential.  Starting our own journey in the heart of the IB, we strive to play an active role in the IB community and to give back what has been given to us.

Scholarships are a vital part of this process and this year we are offering a total of ten full scholarships, covering all four of our course occasions. All students who show passion and commitment in the IB will therefore have the chance to win a scholarship, regardless of their financial means.

The scholarships are awarded to students based on a variety of criteria, more details about the applications and the different scholarships that we offer can be found below.

Pre-IB Summer Course

Starting the IB can seem like a big challenge. We help you prepare for the diploma and start your first year feeling confident, motivated and able to succeed.

  • Prepare for the IB

  • Be inspired and motivated

  • Have a fun and adventurous summer

The Pre-IB Summer Course is offered in England during July and August.

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Summer students studying at Bradfield Campus

Mid-IB Summer Course

The IB can feel overwhelming as you try to keep on top of your classes and challenging coursework. We help you review a year’s worth of knowledge in just a few days and develop essential skills so you can succeed in your final year.

  • Get on top of your subjects and improve your grades

  • Build your confidence and skills to succeed in your final year

  • Have a fun and inspirational summer

The Mid-IB Summer Course is offered in Sweden during July and August.

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The final year of the IB often feels overwhelming – it feels like there is simply not enough time to get everything done. Our final year courses focus on different aspects of revision and exam preparation and work together to build your confidence and improve your chances of getting the grades you want. Therefore, many students attend both final year courses.

Winter Revision Course

In Winter, we’ll help you solidify your knowledge and set you up for revision.


  • Review your subjects and fill knowledge gaps

  • Set your focus on exam revision

  • Boost your confidence and motivation

The Winter Revision Course is offered in two locations, London and Muscat, during early January.

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Spring Exam Preparation Course

In Spring, we’ll show you how to score points when it matters the most! 

  • Get the most out of your exam preparation

  • Learn how to apply your knowledge to score points in the exams

  • Build your confidence and improve your grades

The Spring Exam Preparation Course is offered in London, Stockholm, Munich, Geneva and Dubai during March and April.

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