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London – Spring Exam Preparation Course

Experience a confidence boost – fill your knowledge gaps and learn how to answer IB exam questions with Lanterna in London this spring

At a glance

  • Classes run April, 2018

  • Choose up to 5 subjects from 22 IB subjects

  • Study each subject for 2 or 4 days

  • Class fees from £345 per subject

  • Optional accommodation available


The teaching

IB tutor at Spring Courses

Teaching – The Lanterna Way

We will work closely with the syllabus to ensure you have covered everything you need to know and get all of your last minute questions answered.

The tutors will share advice on how to retain information and give you a chance to review your entire syllabus in just 2 or 4 days.

Learn how to structure your answers and understand how to break down a question, in order to be prepared to use your knowledge to your full potential in your IB exams! We will also advise you on how to approach individual exam papers and exam day routines.

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Lanterna IB tutor

Your tutors

At the Spring Exam Preparation Course, you will be taught by elite IB alumni who did exceptionally well in the IB diploma and have gone on to study at top universities around the world, including the Universities of Oxford & Cambridge. They have proven and exceptional subject knowledge and can explain all the difficult parts of the syllabus in a way that students really can relate to. On top of that, they will share all their best exam tips & tricks.

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