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Winter Revision Courses

For students in their final year of the IB Diploma Programme. After a busy term of TOK, EE and coursework, energy tends to be running pretty low. To get the extra boost, focus and motivation you need to tackle exam revision join a Lanterna Winter Revision Course!

At a glance

  • Available in London and Frankfurt

  • Classes 2nd – 7th of January 2019

  • Choose up to 3 subjects from 16 different IB subjects

  • Class fees from £395 per subject

  • Optional accommodation available


The teaching

IB tutor teaching his IB students

Teaching – The Lanterna Way

We take the time to answer your questions and cover the core syllabus fully- to set you off on the right track for exam revision!

You will get chance to review a whole subject in just two days- that’s two years’ worth of material in a very short period of time! This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your memory and set up your revision notes.

We give you the opportunity to practice how to score points on the final exams! We will show you how to break down questions and how to use your knowledge and the syllabus to achieve high grades.

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Lanterna IB tutor

Your tutors

At the Winter Revision Course, you will be taught by elite IB alumni who did exceptionally well in the IB diploma and have gone on to study at top universities around the world, including the Universities of Oxford & Cambridge. They have proven and exceptional subject knowledge and can explain all the difficult parts of they syllabus in a way that students really can relate to. On top of that, they will share all their best exam tips & tricks.

The class structure

When you attend the Lanterna Winter Revision Course you will be able to tailor your experience to your individual needs; you choose the number of subjects you want to study.

Winter Class

  • 2 or 3 days per subject

  • 16 or 24 total hours of tuition (8 hours per day)

  • 2 hours of homework between days

  • Small groups of students (12 maximum)

The aim of the two day standard class is to give you a thorough walk through of the syllabus and clarify any uncertainties. We will also help you get motivated to tackle your exam revision and show you how to transfer knowledge from your studies to the exams.

The Winter Revision classes are ideal for students who want to make a big impact on their grades in a short amount of time. Our tutors will show you what you need to focus on and give you advice on how to spend your time in the final months of the IB.

The price of a standard winter class in London is £395.

You can choose from over 16  IB subjects.

For the London schedule please click here

To ensure that your tutor knows what parts of your subject you find challenging and what you want you want to focus on during your spring course, you will be asked to fill in a survey before the start of the course so that the class will meet all your expectations.

Choose between two locations, Frankfurt or London!
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