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This is our journey

We’ve been adapting to the needs of IB students since 2004. Springing from a CAS project over ten years ago, we have become a leading IB course provider. It’s certainly been an exciting ride!

The Birth of Lanterna

The idea of Lanterna was originally developed during a CAS* project in 2002. As older students we were helping younger students with their academic performance – everything from helping out with homework to teaching whole topics that students had missed or not understood. For these students, our help turned out to be an invaluable complement to their ordinary teaching.

Tutor teaching IB students

From Idea to Company

In 2003 we had the idea that successful IB graduates could tutor and help younger students and we began running organized courses. We gathered students that had graduated from the IB and gone on to university to study different subjects during the Easter break of 2004. We invited students from schools around Stockholm, Sweden, to take part in our newly formed revision classes in the facilities of the Royal Institute of Technology that we had rented. And guess what – it turned out to be a great success!

Developing the Professional Organization

Marketing professionals sometimes say that the best marketing is word of mouth. This is exactly how information about our courses was spread. Satisfied students telling their friends about our courses was the way our courses expanded. And over the years the number of students increased dramatically. In the early years this proved to be one of our main challenges: to accommodate the increasing number of students that came from all across Europe and beyond without compromising one bit of our quality. This demanded a professional organization, which became our main focus.

IB students socializing at the summer course

Moving to London

As demand for our courses increased, students started to ask us if we could open a course center in England. After investigating different cities and colleges we decided that Regent’s University and London would be the optimum location for our courses. During the autumn of 2007 we felt that we were ready to start our second course center. The mission was still the same: to provide courses of high quality at a reasonable price. In the spring of 2008 we opened the door to our spring revision courses in London. Looking back at the courses we can be very proud – a wonderful group of tutors and highly satisfied customers.

Summer Courses and Winter Courses

“Why can’t you run summer courses?” – A question that we received so many times that it was impossible to count. Once again we listened to our customers and spent the entire fall of 2007 finding the best possible locations for our summer courses in the UK and in Sweden. We launched our summer courses in the summer of 2008 and since then, they have become as natural a part of our course offerings as our spring courses. Similarly, students have often requested courses to prepare them for their mock exams, since many apply to college with those grades. Accommodating these needs, and those of students just wanting extra revision to prepare themselves for the final exams, we started the winter courses in 2009.

Tutors typical profile

The Future

Our services are becoming increasingly popular due to the high satisfaction of our students. We are expanding, and we hope to be able to help more and more students around the world to reach their goals.

*CAS is a required part of the IB diploma programme curriculum and stands for creativity, action and service. It encourages students to be active outside their academic studies.

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