Support for every stage of the IB Diploma Programme

Pre-IB Summer Course

Mid-IB Summer Courses

Pre-IB Summer Course

Starting the IB can seem like a big challenge. We help you prepare for the diploma and start your first year feeling confident, motivated and able to succeed.

  • Prepare for the IB

  • Be inspired and motivated

  • Have a fun and adventurous summer

The Pre-IB Summer Course is offered at Bradfield outside London during July and August.

Mid-IB Summer Course

We help you review your first year’s worth of knowledge in just a few days and develop essential skills so you can succeed in your final year.

  • Get on top of your subjects and improve your grades

  • Build your confidence and skills to succeed in your final year

  • Have a fun and inspirational summer

The Mid-IB Summer Course is offered outside London during July and August.