The TOK presentation is every IB student’s worst nightmare. Speaking for an extended period of time about ‘AoKs’ and ‘WoKs’ just isn’t ok. But fear not, some of Lanterna’s elite IB graduates have put 20 TOK Presentation Ideas together to ease your worries and maximise your score!

1. The Influence of Power on How We Treat Others
Knowledge Question: Is bullying an inevitable activity that naturally comes with social hierarchy?
Real Life Situation: Bullying is prevalent in all social scenarios, no matter the age of the participants and has lasting impacts on the recipients

2. Changing Views on Gender and Sexuality
Knowledge Question: To what extent is an individual’s attitude on fluid gender and sexuality purely based on societal norms?
Real Life Situation: In recent years the attitude towards gender and sexual diversity is changing at the fastest ever rate. 

3. The Ethics and Morality of Designer Babies
Knowledge Question: Can it be considered ethical for families to genetically engineer children?
Real Life Situation: Healthy babies have been born to provide stem cells for siblings with ‘serious non-heritable conditions’. 

4. Child Labour in India
Knowledge Question: Can the pursuit of children’s rights be partially relinquished to promote economic growth?
Real Life Situation: Child labour is legal in India in order to boost economic prosperity and to not punish large families.

5. Conspiracy Theories: Malaysian Airlines
Knowledge Question: How much information must be gathered to be able to establish a credible theory?
Real Life Situation: The truth behind the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 has still not come to light and, despite little to no evidence, the media is quick to create theories.

6. The Validity of Religion as a Way of Knowing
Knowledge Question: Does religion as a way of knowing carry less credibility than, for example, science as a way of knowing?
Real Life Situation: The conflict between conservative religious camps and active scientists still exists today – is this justified?

7. Societal Expectations on Love
Knowledge Question: How does shared knowledge affect an individual’s knowledge and choice with regards to love?
Real Life Situation: Polygamy, in the US, is trending upwards in popularity and acceptance.

8. Is Greed Good?
Knowledge Question: Can our individual knowledge benefit from an increased amount of selfishness or greed?
Real Life Situation: Carl Icahn, the inspiration behind the 1987 movie “Wall Street” argued greed is important in economics – is this still true today?

9. Induction and Generalizations
Knowledge Question: How much is our knowledge, actions, and choices based on generalizations?
Real Life Situation: Racial profiling is still active and rampant in airports – why is this and what are the underlying causes?

10. Should Drugs Be Legalised?
Knowledge Question: Can we ethically justify drug legality through considering ways of knowing?
Real Life Situation: Portugal decriminalized many drugs in 2001 to positive effect – can the same be done worldwide with similar results?


11. Predicting the Ebola Outbreak
Knowledge Question: Can we trust Maths more than other areas of knowledge?
Real Life Situation: The use of mathematical models to anticipate and track disease functions

12. Causing Offence
Knowledge Question: How do we define our moral code?
Real Life Situation: A report that UK TV viewers get more irked by low-cut dresses than racist soaps

13. Tourism and Indigenous Tribes
Knowledge Question: Are certain indigenous knowledge systems incompatible with monetary systems?
Real Life Situation: Tribal tourism being accused of exploiting indigenous people

14. The Similarities Between Sex Workers and Athletes
Knowledge Question: Is it ethical to risk permanent physical and emotional damage to individuals for entertainment, whether in socially acceptable industries or not?
Real Life Situation: A comparison of the similarities between an athlete and sex worker

15. The Case of the Bali 9
Knowledge Question: How do religious and indigenous knowledge systems affect the application of justice
Real Life Situation: The case of the ‘Bali 9’ is controversial because Australians, who in their home country would never be exposed to a death penalty, were sentenced to death in Indonesia for drug trafficking


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16. Illegal Organ Trade
Knowledge Question: Where does capitalism cross an ethical line?
Real Life Situation:  The rise in sales of bodily parts

17. Do Names Shape Attitudes?
Knowledge Question: Does language shape our perception of others?
Real Life Situation: Research exists that a name can influence how a child performs in school and even their career opportunities

18. The Future of Meat-Eating
Knowledge Question: Do new technologies affect the beliefs of a society?
Real Life Situation: The development of artificial meat and its connection to vegetarianism.

19.  The Cost of Religion
Knowledge Question: Do religious knowledge systems influence economic outcomes
Real Life Situation: Economic analysis has found that non-religious countries experience greater economic growth

20. Punishment by Birth
Knowledge Question: Can our values about one thing change our perception of others?
Real Life Situation: The decision that children of ISIS members would not be allowed to return to the UK

So there you have it, 20 top ideas to get your TOK brain whirring and TOK presentation started! If you need anymore more support regarding Theory of Knowledge, check out some of our other blog posts on it! And as always, if you’re struggling with any IB subject check out our online private tuition service!

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