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Why Lanterna Education?

Lanterna has provided revision courses to students in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme for over 10 years.

We know that every student has different goals and ambitions, different sets of skills and that they come from different academic backgrounds. Regardless of whether they have had continuous support from their teachers and their school and wish to make sure they get the final edge to do well in their exams, or if they hope to lay a more thorough foundation to their knowledge, we at Lanterna are here to help. Our goal is to make sure students and parents feel completely satisfied with the Lanterna course experience, and that students leave the courses with better knowledge and an improved position to continue their own studies.

The way we do things

Lanterna offers intensive study and revision courses in school holidays targeted at students in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme as well as students who are about to start the programme.

Our courses complement the teaching that students receive in their respective schools and make sure that students have a better chance of assimilating knowledge, finding the edge that helps them to do better in the exams, and helps them fill any knowledge gaps they may have. Our goal is always to give students both a comprehensive overview of the entire core syllabus of a subject, and allow them to practise the skills that will help them excel in the different types of examination.

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Our tutors

Our tutors are the most fundamental part of Lanterna and the main reason why students and parents alike are continuously impressed with the courses we offer. All our tutors are themselves recent top IB graduates who are now studying for degrees relating to the subject they teach. We receive hundreds of tutor applications every year and operate a rigorous selection process whereby we ask tutors to demonstrate not only their expertise, but also their explanatory and inter-personal skills. We also continuously evaluate our tutors’ performance to make sure that our students are completely satisfied with the teaching they receive.

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A personal and professional approach

At Lanterna, we pride ourselves on taking a personal approach to each student and family. We want parents to feel safe when sending their children to attend a Lanterna Course and we therefore provide a 24/7 contact phone number. We are also more than happy to answer any questions you may have before, during or after the courses and will always do what we can to help you with any problems you may have.

Before the courses start, students are sent a personal welcome email from their tutor and, while at the course center, they are always encouraged to approach their tutor or another on-site member of staff with their queries.

A pain-free booking process

We want to make sure the process of booking a Lanterna course for your child is smooth and simple. Regardless of whether you would like to book a course in the UK, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland or online tuition, the structure of the course and the quality of the teaching is exactly the same. Once you have picked a location, you can go ahead and select the classes your child will attend and the cost is based on the number of classes you decide to go for. If you book early, you also have the option of adding accommodation (accommodation is always included when you book a course during the Summer holidays).

Should you require any assistance when making your booking, please get in touch. Alternatively, just enter your phone number below and one of our communications officers will contact you and will be more than happy to assist you in making a booking or answer your questions.

“The tutors at Lanterna provided my daughter with
infallible tips and tricks”
Alessia, Italy
“My son fully enjoyed the experience under all points of view and he is highly willing to come back next summer. Thanks a lot.”
Francesca, Germany
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