Revision is one of my least favorite words. Even a casual mention of it makes me shudder. It always reminds me of dull, repetitive work with little room for fun. This doesn’t have to be the case though! Below I’ve listed my top 6 ideas on how to make revision (a bit more) fun. Enjoy!

1. Create the perfect study space

Nothing makes revision worse than sitting in a cold, grey room. Instead, try and create a study ‘haven’ for yourself. String up some fairy lights, get some fun desk lamps and find the comfiest chair possible. Having a nice space to study means that even the most boring of topics becomes bearable.


2. Find some fun stationery


As lame as it may sound, nothing puts you in the mood to revise like some fantastic stationery. It’s like when you get new clothes and you just have to wear them; if you get some great flashcard paper then you’ll be keen to make some! Use revision as an excuse to grab some great pens and jazz up your pencil case.



3. Perfect your study playlist

Sometimes when you are revising something incredibly dull you need a cracking soundtrack to keep you going. My personal favorites include the Independent Ladies playlist on spotify and the Lord of the Rings definitive soundtrack (no judgment please). You can also sit down with your friends and create a personalized playlist that you can all listen to when you are studying. That way, when you listen, it will remind you of (slightly) better times!


4. Invest in some study snacks

Studying makes you hungry. Fact. There is nothing worse, therefore than going to your fridge and finding only moldy cheese and bread to snack on. Investing in some fun and satisfying food can make all the difference (especially if it is also super nutritious). Check out this article which lists some great snacks you can whip up in a flash. (I cannot get over how amazing these Nutella energy bites look!)

Exams Do's & Don'ts | Lanterna Education

null5. Find yourself a study buddy

One of the worst parts of revision is being on your own. When I am on study leave I genuinely crave human interaction. A great solution to this can be to join forces with one of your friends and start studying together. I would recommend going somewhere where you can’t actually talk like your school library. That way you can focus on your work but also have a friend to chat to when you’re bored!

(Accurate depiction of me and my bff strolling into the library)


null6. Take a break

No one can study for hours on end. Trust me. Your brain will just become a droopy mess that understands nothing. Make sure you are building in some time in your day to do something actually fun. This could be a trip to the gym, a walk in the park or just a cup of tea with your friend. Revision can sometimes seem like a never-ending cycle, but these little moments of solace help you see the light at the end of the tunnel.


(This could be you running away from your revision woes, just saying…)

Thank you for reading this week’s blog! I hope you found some of the tips helpful. If you’d like to find out more about the help Lanterna can offer you just click here!