Last week saw educators from around the globe descend upon The Hague ready to talk all things IB. In case you missed it, here are some key revelations from the event:


Song lyrics and graphic novels will soon count as literature

The Nobel Committee aren’t the only ones expanding their definition of literature this year. From 2019, IB students can begin studying song lyrics and graphic novels as part of Studies in Language and Literature. Prepare for the words of Bob Dylan and Jay Z to fill your classrooms!

Farewell to Maths Studies/SL/HL

Maths is set for a dramatic overhaul in 2019. Two new courses, “Analysis and Approaches” and “Applications and Interpretations” will replace Studies/SL/HL, with both offered at SL and HL. Consisting mostly of pure, theoretical maths, “Analysis and Approaches” is intended for those hoping to study a maths-heavy university course. Meanwhile, “Applications and Approaches” is intended to appeal to those headed for the social sciences, humanities, certain economics, statistics and engineering courses and the arts. However, the two courses will have 60 hours of teaching material in common to assist schools with scheduling.
Maths student

Many DP students lose sleep and decline in happiness

Troublingly, a pilot study by the IBO has suggested that IB students generally lose sleep and decline in happiness over the course of the Diploma Programme. Perceived workload, as opposed to actual workload, affected wellbeing most. Subjects such as Language and Literature, History, Maths and Biology proved to be the main sources of stress. Girls were shown to be more stressed than boys, and parental involvement level and education seems to also play a big role. The full study is still in progress.

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