The countdown to our Winter Courses is on! IB students from around the globe will be assembling at Regent’s University in Central London. This is your chance to put those New Year’s resolutions into action, and kick the new year off to an industrious start.


Tutor Carly in action explaining the structure and function of the human heart!

Tutor Carly in action explaining the structure and function of the human heart!


We have assembled our most experienced IB-alumni tutors, each of whom has recently aced the IB themselves. Our team of tutors will lead the 26 different classes taking place after new years during Christmas break, covering 10 IB subjects. The tutors will share with you their top tips and tricks. They will guide you through the syllabus step by step, filling in any knowledge gaps you may have. In doing so they will ramp up your confidence, and give you all the tools you need to ace those ever-nearing exams.


We believe small, dynamic classes are key to the success of every students!


Before you arrive, we thought you might like a brief introduction to some of the immensely talented and friendly faces you’ll be meeting at the Courses!


Meet Liam. His wonderfully wacky nature epitomised by the recent rash decision to dye his lovely blonde locks red. One thing is for sure – you won’t miss him.

Teaching: Economics & Geography

IB score: 43

Currently studies: Geography at LSE

Teaching motto: Work Hard, Play Hard. Liam vouches for the use of regular breaks and biscuits during his classes.

Top study hack: Binge watch Hans Rosling.


You’ll do well not to fall instantly in love with our fabulous Laura. Currently in her second year at the University of Bath, Laura studies Psychology with Neuroscience.

Teaching: Biology (SL & HL)

IB score: 45 (wow)

Study hack: “Using the syllabus is so underrated!”

Laura believes the best way to ace your Biology exam is to truly understand the key concepts and theories.


Laura teaches using an elaborate PowerPoint. She will make sure you cover every inch of that Biology syllabus. You’ll walk out of Laura’s class with enough Biology knowledge to take on a Medicine degree. You will be taught how to quickly and confidently answer any question the final exam could possibly throw at you.


And then there’s Will. A true Lanterna God. If Lanterna were to come in human form, it would be Will.

IB score: 45 (oh, come on, guys, this is getting repetitive)

Studied: Chemical Engineering at Cambridge

Motto: Expect the unexpected.

Teaching style: There’s a punny way to remember everything.


A man of many talents, Will often brings his European-Champion-worthy Latin dancing skills to the classroom. After all, what better way to demonstrate waves and oscillations than by learning the Cha-Cha?


Spaces are filling up fast.

If you haven’t reserved yours yet, don’t hang about! We love to keep class sizes very small to make sure you get as much help as possible, so it’s first come, first served! Take a look at the schedule.

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We are always looking for enthusiastic, talented IB alumni to join our family of tutors. If you’ve been inspired by Lanterna’s ethos and think you’d be a great addition to the team – apply to be a tutor here!

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