We’re in the middle of a global crisis and the IB still insists that we work towards our diploma. When are we gonna catch a break? Many IB students will be off school for a prolonged period of time or will be working from home in the holidays before those final exams. How can we make sure we are being as effective in our study as possible, even when we have to work from home? We’ve asked our IB elite graduates how they made sure that their revision from home was even more effective then during the school day!

Keep a Schedule!

It’s so easy to get out of rhythm when we stay at home for prolonged periods. The lure of our beds, laptops, fridge and even pets can be hard forces to fight against. Collectively, they make it really tricky to get going. Our advice is to try and pretend that your day at home works the same day as one at school. Wake up at the same time, get ready and get dressed. If you have a commute into school, use that time to exercise or meditate. You can even chunk out your day in the same way as you have with your timetable – e.g. from 9 to 10 Chemistry revision. Make sure to also factor in some time for lunch. These ideas when used together are proven to make us focus on the tasks at hand more effectively. Much in the same way as what you dress to your exams, simple changes in our environment and the way we behave has a massive impact on our study psychology. Make sure you utilise this when you study from home!

Set Goals!

It can be super hard to stay motivated when we haven’t got teachers barking at us to get our work done. That’s why it’s so important that we set ourselves achievable goals each day. They grey area we lie in when we don’t have a plan is the perfect space for our procrastination habits to grow. Let’s create a black and white: a work and a play. If every morning you set yourselves targets – for instance, review three chapters of Biology, do one Maths past paper, finish Spanish flashcards and fills gaps for Microeconomics – you can hold yourself accountable. This makes it so much easier to stay motivated because you’ve seen all the work you’ve done and recognise what you have left. Free apps like Wunderlist, Todoist and Evernote make this process even easier!

How to Wrap Up your First Year of IB Work

Make Use of Free Resources

Studying at home means we have to make use of all the resources around us. Luckily, there are some incredible IB-related materials free to access for all students. Websites like Khan Academy are incredible revision tools! We’ve got a tonne of free subject guides and YouTube videos that explain some tricky Science and Math concepts.


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Work with Friends!

It might prove quite lonesome having to study from home for extended periods of time. That’s why it’s a great idea to lean on your schoolmates. Technology means that we are more connected than ever. Why not work together on a Google Doc, or share screens whilst going through a past paper. Hop on Skype, FaceTime or some other videocall software and catch-up over some work. A problem shared is a problem halved!

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