Along with all the other hardships that the Coronavirus is bringing, it is taking away our ability to study in groups. Many of us rely on working with other people as a way to keep us on track, make sure we’re not getting distracted, and to even explain concepts when you don’t understand them. This will of course become a lot more difficult now that social distancing is becoming a reality all around the world. We must find some solutions to study with friends from home. Check out some of the amazing ways to do just that!

Google Docs

As a staple of an IB education, this is something many students will have experience with GoogleDocs. Our favourite feature is the ability to work together on the same document. Why not take advantage of this feature, to work through past paper questions or essay ideas together? Automatically stored in the cloud, these documents will be available for you to review all the way up to your final examinations. What’s not to love?


GoConqr is your one-stop-shop for all online tools you’ll need to succeed. Not only does GoConqr offer resources like flashcards, online lessons, or quizzes, but it has resources that will suit your personal learning style! You and your friends can sign up for GoConqr and create study groups. This way you can share advice, information, or study notes that you’ve created. Instead of creating heaps of resources, flashcards, and study guides each, might as well divide and conquer, or should I say, divide and GoConqr!


It’s so easy to look at our IB subjects and struggle to see how we might be able to absorb all that info. Quizlet is a flashcards appthat has a number of great features including study modes as well as game modes! The website is not only an amazing way of learning a lot of content quickly, but you can actually collaborate in breaking down those big topics. Work together to create subject sets and compete against each other, a problem shared is a problem halved!


The SCORE Method for Making Awesome IB Notes


Zoom is the top video conferencing app in the world! It is used by most major businesses as their go-to way of holding remote meetings, and it is also the perfect way for you to hold remote study sessions with your friends. Zoom is free for 1-to-1 calls, and you’ll need to pay a small fee if you want to have larger group calls. The best thing about Zoom is that you can share your screen, use a virtual whiteboard, quiz each other, separate into breakout rooms for smaller discussions, amongst many other really cool features! If you’re looking for the best way to video call your friends, look no further. Zoom is the way to go. 

It’s so important that we keep social even when we are studying from our bedrooms. We hope this blog has given you some ideas to make your learning as effective as possible whilst also being fun and collaborative. Lanterna have a number of blogs regarding the coronavirus outbreak and how to make sure it doesn’t affect you…

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