Last week saw educators from around the globe arrive in Vienna ready to discuss all things related to the IB. In case you missed it, here are some key revelations from the event:


English Syllabus: Global Issues at the Forefront

From 2019, IB students can be seen starting to study global issues as part of Studies in Language. The old internal assessments will be scrapped and replaced by an internal assessment aimed at encouraging students to make connections with their texts and global issues of their choice. Prepare for more debate and excitement in your classroom!


Math Syllabus: See you Never

Maths is set for a dramatic overhaul for next year, with teaching beginning in September 2019. Two new courses, “Analysis and Approaches” and “Applications and Interpretations” will replace Studies/

SL/HL and both will be offered at either SL and HL. Consisting of pure, theoretical maths, “Analysis and Approaches” is intended for those hoping to study a maths-heavy university course. Meanwhile, “Applications and Approaches” is intended to appeal to those headed for the social sciences, humanities, certain economics, statistics and engineering courses and the arts. However, the two courses will have 60 hours of teaching material in common to assist schools with scheduling. The exact syllabus for both these courses is expected to be realised for educators and students in the early part of 2019.

Maths student

The IB is growing!

In 2017, the IB experienced a massive jump in the number of students sitting exams. 157,000 students sat exams in May 2017 – that’s a 30,000 student increase from just 4 years ago![1] In 2020, the IB is predicting to have 200,000 students sitting exams at the exact same time – IB World Takeover, here we come!


[1] Diploma Program, International Baccalaureate. The IB Diploma Programme Statistical Bulletin. 2017, Page 6.

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