Many of you may know about Lanterna from our school presenters. They are some of our top graduates who travel the world to spread their IB wisdom. This week we going to follow Izzy on a trip to just one of the hundreds of schools we visit each year!

Early Start

Life as a Lanterna presenter is great, but sometimes the early mornings are not so fun. I have been working for Lanterna for nearly 3 years now, so I should be used to getting up at the crack of dawn. I will be honest though— it’s something you never quite adjust to!

Despite my 5am alarm clock, I was excited to get my flight! I was on my way to Madrid, flying from London, to visit Colegio Brains- an IB school with over 70 IBDP students.

An early morning EasyJet is never the most fun…

The trials of travel

One of my favourite parts of working for Lanterna is that I can wake up and be in a whole other country in just a few hours. It never fails to amaze me that you can be on the London Underground at 7am and then on the Madrid Metro by 11am. There was only one hiccup in my journey, though. When I left my house in London, it was a chilly 6 degrees Celsius; weather which called for my puffer jacket, gloves and a scarf. Fast forward a few hours and I am genuinely melting on the streets of Madrid where it still seems to be summer. I cannot complain though. After a week of grey England some October sunshine is much appreciated.


Presenting (finally!)

The best part of any trip with Lanterna is always the presentations. I’m convinced IB students are the most engaged and interesting students out there. It was no surprise, therefore, that all the students at Colegio Brains were all fab. I had the pleasure of speaking with both the DP1 and DP2 students (and I got a free packed lunch). We spoke about everything from time management to self-care, revision strategy to stress management. There were also so many great questions on perfecting study techniques which showed everyone’s dedication to the IB way of life.

Colegio Brains (It was a pretty fancy looking school!) 

Heading home

After 2 great presentations, my whistle stop trip to Madrid was coming to a close. I was sad to get back on a flight to rainy London, but my time was extended at the airport by a technical fault. Perhaps not the extra few hours in Madrid I’d wished for… At least I was treated to a pretty awesome sunset in London upon my return!


School Presentations

If you are interested in a Lanterna presenter coming to visit your school, you can click here to enquire. You can also check out the other ways we support IB students.  Click to find out more about our Online Tuition and Revision Courses!