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10-20 minute videos – After analysing where students frequently lose marks and the topics which IB examiners most often set as difficult questions, we have selected key topics that give the best exam preparation.

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Organic Chemistry: Homologous Series and Ester Formation

Ester Alkanes and Free Radical Substitution

Nucleophilic Substitution

Alcohols and Multiple Choice Practice Questions

Ionic Bonding and Structure

Polyatomic Ions, Covalent Bonds & Hybridisation (HL)

Lewis Structure and a Past Paper Question

Resonance Structure, VSEPR Theory, & Electron Domains 2-6

Giant Covalent Structure, Allotropes of Carbon, Silicon & Silicon Dioxide

Intermolecular Forces, Polarity of a Molecule & Hydrogen Bonding

Metallic Bonding, Alloys & Formal Charge

Oxidation and Reduction (Part 1)

Writing Redox Questions and a Multiple Choice Question

Oxidation and Reduction continued…

Oxidation and Reduction HL Only

Oxidation and Reduction HL Only Continued…

Organic Chemistry Part One

Organic Chemistry Part Two

Organic Chemistry Part Three

Organic Chemistry Part Four

Organic Chemistry Part Five

Organic Chemistry Part Six

Organic Chemistry Part Seven

Organic Chemistry Part Eight

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