IB Videos – Physics Online Course

10-20 minute videos – After analysing where students frequently lose marks and the topics which IB examiners most often set as difficult questions, we have selected key topics that give the best exam preparation.

Fundamental Ideas on Linear Momentum & Exam questions

Answering Questions on Linear Momentum, Method & Method Application

Linear Momentum, Kinetic Energy & Answering Exam Style Questions

Thermal Concepts

Thermal Concepts and Question Formats

Overview of the Syllabus and General Exam Advice

Recap of Important Ideas from Mechanics: Acceleration, Force and Work

Fundamental Ideas on Circular Motion

Paper 1 Exam Questions: Questions 1 through 5

Paper 2 Exam Questions: Examples 1 through 3

Energy Sources

Energy Density and High Specific Energy

The Specifics of Energy Sources

Renewable Energy Sources and Past Paper Questions

Thermal Energy Transfers

Albedo and Greenhouse Gases

General Overview of Standing Waves

Fundamentals of Particle Physics

Simple Harmonic Motion Overview

Kinetic Energy & Simple Harmonic Motion

Multiple Choice & Long Answer Q. on Simple Harmonic Motion

Single Slit Diffraction Overview

Using the Diffraction Equation & Exam Questions

Gravitational Fields Overview… (Part 1)

Gravitational Fields Continued… (Part 2)

Gravitational Fields Continued… (Part 3)

Gravitational Fields Exam Questions

Electric Fields Overview

Electromagnetic Induction the basics

Electromagnetic Induction the basics continued…

Power Generation and Transmission

Transformers, AC to DC and Examples

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