Your Course Experience day by day

Read about what happens at the courses day by day and what’s included in the course fee. Have an amazing summer with Lanterna at a Mid-IB Summer Course!

Day 1 → Arrival

You will be collected at 4pm from Stockholm Central Station, where you will be welcomed, registered and introduced to some of the staff and other students. You will then all travel together to the course center by coach, giving you a perfect chance to start getting to know the others taking the course with you.

After arriving, you’ll get some time to settle in, unpack and relax in your room before beginning to find your way around the campus to head over for your first dinner with us. In the evening there will be various activities to take part in and lots of opportunities for you to meet everyone before heading back to your room for a good night’s sleep ahead of your first day of classes.

You can choose to join the course at the beginning of any of our two periods (you study 1 subject at a time).

IB tutor teaching class

Day 2-5 → Studying

You will have 4 hours of tuition per day either in the morning or the afternoon in your chosen subject. You will be given homework from each class and there will be an hour’s homework session each evening supervised by your tutor in case you have any problems.

If you have booked any IB Skills Workshops, these will happen either in the morning or afternoon around your class schedule.

Ib student studying

Day 6 → Departure or Day off

1 subject only – If you are staying with us for one subject only, this will be your departure day. You will travel to Stockholm Central Station by coach after breakfast and will be dropped off by 11am. Our staff will all be around at the station to make sure you know exactly where you need to go and to take a final photo or two of you with everyone!

2 or more subjects – If you are attending more than one subject, you will have a tuition free day where you can take part in a day trip. Our day trips include visits to amusements parks, city centers and museums. If you choose to not attend a day trip, you will be able to rest and relax or take part in various activities that will be arranged at the course center. On tuition free days, new students will also join the courses, giving you the chance to meet new people and make new friends!

IB students studying in a group

Day 7 onwards

On day 7 classes will start again and you will begin to study your second subject! Classes will continue for 4 days in total before having another day off.

You will repeat this schedule up to two times depending on how many subjects you choose to take. On the final day of your course you will arrive at Stockholm Central Station by 11am for further onward travel.

IB student revising

Enhance Your Course Experience

At Sigtuna, Stockholm you can choose to study up to 2 different subjects this summer depending on your needs and preferences.

At Lanterna Education, we offer a variety of add-ons to ensure you have the best possible time with us and get the most out of your course experience. You may want to consider one of our IB Workshops or Private Tuition packages to give you that edge over your classmates. It’s not just about learning, we know that having fun is the best way for you to maximise your learning, if you stay with us for more than one subject, you can choose to take part in a trip to the amusement park Gröna Lunch in central Stockholm.

Details Fee
Mid-IB Subject Includes:
– 1 IB subject
– 6 days
– 16 hours of tuition in a small class
– Course material
– Homework tutorial sessions
– Twin bedroom accommodation
– Pick up and drop off transportation
– 3 meals per day
– Coffee, tea and snacks
– Activities at the course center
£945 per subject
IB Workshops – Extended Essay Introduction
– Study Skills
– Theory of Knowledge
– Writing Lab Reports
£99 per workshop
Extended Essay Tuition – Private tuition for 1 hour £149
Private Tuition – 4 hours

– 8 Hours



Daytrips – Grona Lund Amusement Park £99
Single Room – 5 nights in a single room £99 per period
Travel Insurance – Excess Free Medical Claims
– Fully Comprehensive Package
– Luggage Loss Covered
£20 per period

Fees and Payments

In London, you can choose to study up to 2 different subjects this summer depending on your needs and preferences. The basic package includes all you need, but most students decide to upgrade to get the most of the course.

Upgrade to get the most out your course for a discounted price


– 6 days & 4 nights
– 16 hours of class tuition
– Course material
– Homework tutorial sessions
– Twin bedroom
– Pick up & drop off Central Station
– 3 meals per day
– Coffee, tea and snacks
– Activities at Sigtuna



Most common

– Everything in Basic Package
– Travel insurance
– 16 hours of IB workshops
– 2 hours online tutoring
– Single bedroom
– One day trip

33% discount


Get the FULL experience

–Includes everything in
Basic & Classic packages
– 4 hours of private tuition
– Extended Essay 1-on-1
tuition one-hour
– Pick up & drop off Arlanda Airport

38% discount

Find the dates & subjects that suit you