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Online Tutoring – Fees & Payment

Standard Packages

Choose the package that is right for you and make sure you receive the individual help you need no matter what you want to work on!

Details Fee
Starter Package (5 hours) Improve your understanding
Receive tailored support in an area you struggle with
Core Package (12 hours) – Fill in knowledge gaps across a subject
– Strengthen your knowledge and refine your skills
Exam Package (16 hours) Identify, target and improve your weaker areas
Boost your studies and gain focus and motivation before your final exams
Advanced Package (30 hours) Boost your grades in a subject you are struggling with
Go into depth or receive continuous support

Special Packages

Take advantage of our packages designed specifically with key aspects of the IB diploma in mind and ensure you get the best results possible!

Details Fee
Pre-IB Prep Pack (5 hours)        – Develop and build your skills before starting the Diploma
– Receive personalised support to prepare you for the IB
Assignment Pack (4 hours + 1 hour proofreading) – Get help on how to structure, plan and present your report or essay
Learn how to analyze data and tackle the different sections of a report
Mock Exam Pack (8 hours) – Maximise your predicted grade ready for university applications
Recap the syllabus, tackle problem areas, and perfect your exam technique

Pay as you go

Add extra hours to any of the packages to customise your tuition (in your chosen subject).

1 hour                            £60
Details Fee
1 hour                            Choose as many additional hours as you need


1. Credit/Debit Card

You pay the entire fee when booking your course.

2) Pay in instalments via Lay-Buy (managed by Paypal) 

Payment can be made in up to four consecutive monthly instalments, with at least 20% of the balance due immediately upon purchase. To choose this option, select “PUT IT ON LAY-BUY” as your Payment Method upon checkout. After clicking “Complete order”, you will be redirected to LAY-BUY Powered by PayPal to complete your purchase securely. Please note that Lay-Buy will charge a 0.9% admin fee on payments made in instalments.

Online Tutoring: Fees and cancellation (terms & conditions)

5.1. The current hourly fee is 53-60 GBP including VAT. Tuition is structured in packages which each have different prices.

5.2. The minimum number of hours bookable is five (5).

5.3. A Booking for Online Tutoring is only valid if it has been paid in full.

5.4. If no contact has been initiated by a Tutor with the client within two (2) weeks of the Booking being placed the contract will be cancelled and the Client will receive a full refund of the sum paid.

5.5. No refund will be given if the number of hours booked is less than the actual numbers of hours of teaching required.

5.6. The Client retains the right to cancel any Booking within 14 days of the Booking being made, provided that no tutor has been assigned by the Company. In this case, a full refund will be given.

5.7. Bookings cancelled by the Client after 14 days of the Booking being made, are non-refundable.

5.8. The Company reserves the right to cancel a Booking before or after the provision of the service has started. In this event, the Client will be refunded such proportions of the initial sum paid to correspond to the part of the service that has been cancelled.

To find more terms & conditions, click here.

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