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With online tutoring, no time needs to be spent on travel; you can easily fit a lesson in between activities in your busy schedule. The pairing process with your tutor is not conducted based on where you or the tutor lives, but rather on your individual needs.

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Your IA mark – crucial for your IB success

  • Get help on how to structure, plan, and write your assessment

  • Learn what the IB is looking for to get the top marks!

  • Have a tutor proofread your work give feedback (1 hour of proofreading included in addition to 4 hours of tuition)

Top IB Tutors

At Lanterna, you will always be taught by elite IB alumni who did exceptionally well on their IB diploma and have gone on to study at top universities around the world. They know exactly what you need to get the top marks in all of your IA’s! We receive over 300 applications a year and only around 10% are selected to become Lanterna tutors. Our tutors don’t just teach – they get to know each student and provide the positive reinforcement and motivation that leads to their success. 90% of students get linked to their tutor within 4 hours!

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We’re trusted by teachers too

Over 200 schools find our tutors great and therefore use them to support their teaching. We work with schools across the world targeting learning gaps and helping pupils of all abilities reach their goals from home.

“The tutors they find have been outstanding, being both knowledgeable in their DP subject and able to help students make great progress.”

Simon Taylor, Superintendent at ABA Oman (former Head of Munich International School)

Tailored to improve your grades

Get the support you need with our online private tutoring. Our tutor will tailor your learning to your individual needs. Whether you just need a little extra boost to help you do your best, or want in-depth help with the difficult areas of your subject, together we will improve your grades! 9 out of 10 times, we will connect you with your tutor within 4 hours, who will help you reach your personal IGCSE goals.



Top IB tutors

All our tutors are top IB graduates with the most common score of 45! They understand exactly what is needed to boost student confidence when teaching online! At Lanterna, we only hire the very best to help students studying from home.

Our tutors don’t just teach – they get to know each student and provide the positive reinforcement and motivation that leads to success during this challenging time!

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