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Abby was a fantastic tutor – I felt from the first lesson that I was making good progress with her which was really encouraging. She was really flexible in her explanations in order to make sure I understood her. Her knowledge of the syllabus was outstanding; she gave me many useful ways of cutting down my revision and I never felt like we were wasting time during our sessions. All in all, she certainly played an important part in me effectively structuring my revision in order to have the best outcome possible during the exams.

Olivia, Online Tutoring student

I took online tuition with Lanterna in Chemistry and I am really glad I did. Because I have a teacher who doesn’t seem to believe in practice questions, examples or explanations, just knowing that I have a tutor who can explain everything to me is a great relief. Not only does he go over important concepts I didn’t understand in class, but we also go over examples and actually work through problems, which is immensely helpful. I would definitely recommend Lanterna, not only to someone who is struggling with the material but also to anyone who is looking for additional practice or feedback for exam preparation. My private tutoring has been great and I just feel immensely grateful. I received a 7 in Chemistry! Thank you so much Lanterna!!!

Clara, Online Tutoring student

After attending three Lanterna revision courses, I knew the best help I could get would be from one of their tutors. From the very first session, Charlotte made me feel so much more confident about a subject I was dreading! She helped me exactly where and how I needed it and put in so much extra work to make sure I was fully confident on content and technique. Much of my grade will be down to her invaluable help!

Mille, Online Tutoring student

We have worked with Lanterna on numerous occasions during the past couple of years.

My daughter initially attended a summer course in Sweden where she ‘topped up’ her lower sixth learning and not only loved the revision sessions but made new friends and had an amazing week. She has also attended very valuable revision courses in the UK during key holiday periods.

Every time she has found the teams to be knowledgeable, practical and full of great advice on exam technique which has been invaluable. The tutors, as recent high standard IB graduates are empathetic and realistic and build great relationships with their classes.

We have recently drafted the Lanterna team to find us a last minute tutor to help with history. The Lanterna team took time to find a great match; a recent history graduate who was flexible and supportive with her time, location and approach to key gaps in my daughter’s knowledge. After a few sessions, her subject matter confidence and approach to constructive revision has improved dramatically.

I would highly recommend Lanterna. They have been a true partner in my daughter’s IB success.

Melanie, Parent of Online Tutoring student
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