Learning Platform with Digital
GCSE Textbooks

Together with teachers, curriculum experts and our developers we combine learning and technology to take online tutoring to the next level using digital textbooks.

100% curriculum aligned

Our intelligent textbooks are specifically designed to match the curriculum with highly relevant content. Experiences educators and examiners have authored the texts and questions to tailor-fit the needs of tutors and students for online tutoring.

Elite Tutors

Our tutors have been through the GSCE themselves and really understand how to teach their subjects! We only hire the very best to boost your confidence! More than 90% of our students say that our tutors and digital textbooks have helped them achieve higher grades.

Interactive Learning

Our textbooks offer videos, animations, and automatically corrected questions to fully utilize the capacity technology can offer in improving learning for students. You always have access to your digital textbooks – 24/7.

Advanced Analytics

Every hour you spend on studying with our digital textbook, will be gained back in progress data for you and your parents. From the data, your tutor will be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to adjust future lessons. This will ultimately lead to improved results!

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