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Check out 2 of our many Economics tutors below!

All of our Economics tutors achieved a 7 in HL Economics, know the ins & outs of your syllabus, and can make complicated theories seem simple!

Your Economics tutor can help you with whatever you’re struggling with! Whether you need help prepping for an exam or are struggling to understand a topic, they’re there for you.

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Naty, 44

Naty, 44

Nathalia, a native Venezuelan and Spanish speaker, has a passion for the social sciences, having achieved 7s in both Geography and Economics!

Freddie, 42

Freddie, 42

Freddie can’t get enough of Economics! He smashed it during the IB and studied it at UCL!

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Starter Pack: 5 Hours

  • Perfect if you’re struggling in a particular area or with a specific topic

  • Improve your understanding before a test or quiz you have coming up

  • Tailored advice on how to approach the work by our top-class tutors

Core Pack: 12 Hours

  • Fill in knowledge gaps across a subject and go in-depth into specific topics

  • Get expert support that follows the syllabus

  • Consolidate knowledge and work on practice problems together with your tutor

We offer 5 packages with differing amount of hours, from 5 to 30. The more hours you book the lower the price per hour is.

Your first lesson is protected under our Money Back guarantee, so you get a full refund if you’re not happy after the first lesson (although we doubt that will be the case)!

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