Choose the Right Pack For Your Success

Our various packages are designed to make sure you get the help you need. The larger the pack, the lower the price per hour!

University Admissions:
3 Hours

  • Support for interviews, tests, personal statement, and counselling

  • Follow your future plans with support from an expert tutor from your dream university

  • Catered to your individual needs – just let us know what you need support in!

Starter Pack:
5 Hours

  • Perfect if you’re struggling in a particular area or with a specific topic

  • Improve your understanding before a test or quiz you have coming up

  • Tailored advice on how to approach the work by our top-class tutors

Assignment Pack:

  • Designed to help structure, plan, and give feedback on assignments

  • Get 1 hour of tutor proofreading in addition to 4 hours of tutoring

Pre-IB Summer Pack:
8 Hours

  • Get ahead on IB content before you even start the IB!

  • Cover the basics of any of your future IB subjects so you hit the ground running

  • Delivered by expert tutors who know exactly what it takes to succeed in the IB

Mid-IB Summer Pack:
8 Hours

  • Consolidate your first year of the IB and prepare for your final year

  • Cover the full syllabus, or focus on specific struggle areas, to get the boost you need

  • Ensure that you get the grades that you need in your final year in the IB!

Core Pack:

  • Fill in knowledge gaps across a subject and go in-depth into specific topics

  • Get expert support that follows the syllabus in any subject

  • Consolidate knowledge and work on practice problems together with your tutor

Exam Pack:

  • Get access to past papers to get you ready for your final exam!

  • Become familiar with how to pick up ‘easy’ points on the final exam

  • Learn exam-taking techniques so you feel ready on the big day

Advanced Pack:

  • Get access to tutor notes and past papers to give you all the study material you’ll need

  • Get regular support throughout a longer period to make sure you stay on top of the IB

  • Go in-depth into whole sections of the syllabus

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