Course Structure

The Pre-IB Summer Course is ideal for students who want to be as prepared as possible for the challenges of the IB diploma.
Below, you can find an overview of the Pre-IB course structure.

 Choose Between:

  • July 17-27 (10 nights): Maths!
    8 days of Maths to get you IB ready! We offer Maths Maths Analysis & Approaches
  • July 27-Aug 1 (5 nights): The Core
    All the workshops you need to understand the IB! Extended Essay, Study skills, TOK and CAS
  • August 1-6 (5 nights): Economics
    Get ahead in Economics!

Choose between two pricing options!

Basic £945
Includes 16 hours of class tuition, course material, 4 homework tutorial sessions, twin bedroom, pick up & drop off at Paddington station, 3 meals per day and all social activities!

Premium £1345 (original price £1723)
Inclusive of extra course material, 4hrs of Private Tuition in your preferred subject, 2hrs of Online Private Tuition ahead of the course, Travel Insurance and a Day Trip!

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July 17-27 (10 nights) July 27-August 1 (5 nights) August 1- 6 (5 nights)
Maths Analysis & Approaches

Join last years’ most popular course - the 8 day Maths prep course, to make sure you can begin your IB journey feeling confident in Maths!
TOK, Extended Essay, Study Skills and CAS

Attend 4 workshops over 4 days: leave with study skill techniques, and knowledge of how to score three extra points in the IB through TOK, CAS and Extended Essay work.

You have the opportunity to dedicate 4 days to Economics, to ensure you're ready to go when school starts again!

Basic Package

  • 16 hours of class tuition per period
  • Course material
  • Homework tutorial sessions
  • Twin bedroom
  • Pick up & drop off Paddington
  • 3 meals per day
  • Coffee, tea and snacks
  • Activities at Bradfield College

Premium Package £1723

  • All in the basic package +
  • Extra Course Material
  • 4 hours of Private Tuition at
  • 2 hours of Online Private Tuition ahead of the Summer Course
  • Travel Insurance
  • Day Trip


Join our day trips on your days off (every fifth day) to London or an amusement park! If not, join all sports & games organized every day by our social staff!

Activites & Day Trips


Feeling confident in what we offer? Make sure you book your Pre-IB Course before the limites spaces run out! Lanterna only have a max of 10 students in each class…

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