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School Opportunities Guide

Lanterna works with hundreds of IB schools all around the world in order to provide support to their students. Since all tutors at Lanterna completed the IB Diploma with exceptional marks, they know exactly what it takes to be successful in the IB.

We can help you and your students in a vast number of ways – from in-person courses to online tutoring. Check out our School Opportunities Guide that walks you through exactly what we can do for you!

In-House Courses

If you would like to give your students a boost at any particular point of the year – whether that be during ‘back to school’ revision weeks or ahead of their mock or final exams – we bring study courses to you. We’ll bring our tutors to your school to give your students the added convenience of not needing to travel anywhere and ensure their time is spent efficiently and productively. Our priority is to be sensitive to the precise needs of each school, providing students with the opportunity to study as many subjects in as much depth as necessary.

Our typical model involves our well-tested method of intensive revision classes, giving students carefully structured, tailored teaching. In just two days students can cover the core syllabus of a given subject including applying their knowledge to exam questions. Our elite tutors bring enthusiasm and passion for the IB and their subject to ensure students stay motivated throughout the sessions.

We are proud to have held in-house courses at some of the best international schools across the UK, Belgium, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and the Middle East.

To read more about our In-House Courses, look through our School Opportunities Guide!

Online Tutoring for Schools

We have experience providing a unique configuration of online support for schools across the globe.

Schools organise online tutoring for their students with our tutors for several reasons. Whether there has been disruption to a particular subject during the year, a student wants to study a course that can’t be offered at your school or you simply want to give your students the best possible chance in their mocks or final exams, our tutors can help. Delivered on our online tutoring platform and scheduled to your convenience, our tutors are trained to cover any topic, assignment or exam. Students are able re-watch sessions, providing them with support that stretches beyond the sessions.

Whether you require webinars, group or solo sessions, Lanterna’s online support can be delivered in various forms to suit each school’s needs. Whatever stage of study your students are at, we have elite tutors ready to help out. Read more about Online Tutoring for Schools in our School Opportunities Guide!

Free Motivational Presentations

Every year our team visits over 200 schools across 5 continents, providing free inspirational presentations to students. Delivered by some of our most successful IB graduates from the perspective of someone who knows what it takes to survive it and succeed, our sessions give a fun and fresh perspective on life in, and after, the IB Diploma Programme. Each session is tailored to support a different IB year group, from Pre-IB to DP2 students. As always, our team is sensitive to the desires of each school and are able to modify their presentations to suit the needs of each cohort!

If you want to find even more ways that Lanterna can support you and your students, feel free to look through our School Opportunities Guide!

IB & A Level Study Skills Workshops

If you want to ensure that your students have the tools to succeed in their IB program, our 4-hour study skills sessions are available to kickstart healthy study habits for your students. Tailored to wherever your students are in their diploma, the workshops are run by high-achieving IB and A-Level alumni and are informed by the collective experience of hundreds of tutors who have succeeded in these programs.

The workshop identifies specific tried and tested methods of study, addressing different learner types and encouraging students to modify their study habits. Leaving the workshop, students depart with concrete steps to utilise specific study techniques to help them meet the demands of their program.

Read more about our Study Skills Workshops in our School Opportunities Guide!

Work With Us

If you’d like to learn more about how we can work to help your IB students and meet your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

We are available via e-mail or by phone:

E-mail: info@lanternaeducation.com

Phone: +44 (0)20 3318 0578

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

“Lanterna sent two Chemistry tutors to carry out an intensive one day revision session with our Higher Level and Standard Level Chemistry students.

The tutors were confident, knowledgeable and well-prepared. Their recent experiences of the IB Diploma enabled them to give personal advice about study techniques and gave our students confidence that the tutors completely understood the course and its specific requirements.

It was an excellent day; great value for money.”

Sarah Pearson, Deputy Principal, Head of Sixth at Parkside Sixth
“I am happy to say a few words about my experience of Lanterna in two schools.

Lanterna is very easy to work with. All those with whom I have had contact have been professional and friendly. They have listened to our needs and hopes then tailored the courses accordingly. The tutors they find have been outstanding, being both knowledgeable in their DP subject and able to help students make good progress in what is often a fairly short, though intensive, time. Students and parents have been very happy.

I can recommend Lanterna to any school wishing to give their DP students a valuable boost.”

Simon Taylor, Superintendent at ABA (former Head of MIS)

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