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Let us help your students through our school opportunities

Some students know where they want the IB to take them, others want to keep their options open.
Whatever their situation, Lanterna help students improve grades and reach academic goals.
Find information about our motivational presentations, group discounts and in-house courses below!

Lanterna Education offers motivational presentations for IB students

Motivational Presentations

Here at Lanterna we love the IB and we think every student should love it too. However, we know that this is often not the case. We are changing students’ opinions about studying for the IB through a series of inspirational presentations.

Delivered by some of our most successful IB graduates and pitched from the perspective of someone who knows what it takes to survive it and succeed, our sessions give a fresh perspective on life in, and after, the IB Diploma Programme. Each session is tailored to support a different IB year group, starting with Pre-IB, then DP1 and finally DP2 students.

Every year we visit 200 schools around the world to encourage and motivate IB students. Email julia@lanternaeducation.com to find out when we are next in your area. We would love to visit your school too!

Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

In-House Courses

If you would like to give your students a boost ahead of their mock or final exams, we run revision courses on site, in schools. Give your students the added convenience of not needing to travel anywhere and ensure their weekend or study leave is spent efficiently and productively. Our tutors bring enthusiasm and passion for the IB and their subject to ensure students stay motivated throughout their final revision.

We use our well-tested method of intensive revision classes, giving students eight hours a day of carefully structured, tailored teaching. In two days students can cover the full core syllabus of a given subject including applying their knowledge to exam questions. This in-house support has been widely appreciated by students and schools wanting to ensure everyone reaches their ambitions. Whether there has been disruption to a particular subject during the year, or you simply want to give your students the best possible chance in their final exams, our tutors can help.

If you are interested in arranging a course at your school or would like to know more about this opportunity please email info@lanternaeducation.com.

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Lanterna Education offers motivational presentations for IB students

Group Bookings for IB Schools

We are always happy to offer group discounts to schools who wish to send several students to our courses.

Lanterna has helped more than 400 schools around the world for over ten years delivering free motivational presentations and in-house courses. Teachers and IB Coordinators have also seen the difference that our courses make for their students.

Many of our partner schools are interested in sending groups of students as a supplement to the instruction and support provided at their school. Students benefit from our own teaching style which we have developed, called the Lanterna Way, and they gain a new perspective on their studies with our elite IB alumni tutors. Our tutors motivate students to work hard and achieve their academic goals.

It is not only the different teaching style that students benefit from while at our courses. Meeting other IB students from all over the world is an amazing opportunity to share experiences and reinforce the IB mission of developing global citizens.  

To learn more about what we can offer for school groups, please send an email to info@lanternaeducation.com.

But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

“Lanterna sent two Chemistry tutors to carry out an intensive one day revision session with our Higher Level and Standard Level Chemistry students.

The tutors were confident, knowledgeable and well-prepared. Their recent experiences of the IB Diploma enabled them to give personal advice about study techniques and gave our students confidence that the tutors completely understood the course and its specific requirements.

It was an excellent day; great value for money.”

Sarah Pearson, Deputy Principal, Head of Sixth at Parkside Sixth
“I am happy to say a few words about my experience of Lanterna in two schools.

Lanterna is very easy to work with. All those with whom I have had contact have been professional and friendly. They have listened to our needs and hopes then tailored the courses accordingly. The tutors they find have been outstanding, being both knowledgeable in their DP subject and able to help students make good progress in what is often a fairly short, though intensive, time. Students and parents have been very happy.

I can recommend Lanterna to any school wishing to give their DP students a valuable boost.”

Simon Taylor, Superintendent at ABA (former Head of MIS)

Find out more about Lanterna’s approach to teaching

Learn about Lanterna’s teaching approach

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