Zurich – Spring Exam Preparation Course

Experience a confidence boost – fill your knowledge gaps and learn how to answer IB exam questions with Lanterna in Zurich, Switzerland this spring

  • Classes run during Spring break in April 2019

  • Choose up to 3 subjects from over 6 IB subjects

  • Study each subject for 2 days

  • Class fees 395 GBP per subject

Dates & Subjects

Period 1 
April 16 -17 
Period 2 
April 18 -19 
Period 3 
April 20 -21 
Biology HL
Good Availability
Chemistry HL
Good Availability
Economics HL / SL
Good Availability
Mathematics HL
Good Availability
Mathematics SL
Good Availability
Physics HL
Good Availability

ICS Inter-Community School Zurich

Located a short drive from the cosmopolitan center of Zurich, ICS Inter-Community School Zurich provides the ideal setting for last minute revision. The perfect blend of modern and exclusive, you will experience a typical Swiss school building as well as benefiting from state of the art facilities. ICS Inter-Community School Zurich is the perfect place to get away from the distractions of home life and set your mind to serious exam preparation.

ICS Inter-Community School Zurich
Strubenacher 3
8126 Zumikon

Practical Information
Learn about the course structure