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Online Private Tuition Students

“Abby was a fantastic tutor – I felt from the first lesson that I was making good progress with her which was really encouraging. She was really flexible in her explanations in order to make sure I understood her. Her knowledge of the syllabus was outstanding; she gave me many useful ways of cutting down my revision and I never felt like we were wasting time during our sessions. All in all, she certainly played an important part in me effectively structuring my revision in order to have the best outcome possible during the exams.”
Olivia, The Godolphin and Latymer School, England
“After attending three Lanterna revision courses, I knew the best help I could get would be from one of their tutors. From the very first session, Charlotte made me feel so much more confident about a subject I was dreading! She helped me exactly where and how I needed it and put in so much extra work to make sure I was fully confident on content and technique. Much of my grade will be down to her invaluable help!”
Millie, Leighton Park School, England
“I took online tuition with Lanterna in Chemistry and I am really glad I did. Because I have a teacher who doesn’t seem to believe in practice questions, examples or explanations, just knowing that I have a tutor who can explain everything to me is a great relief. Not only does he go over important concepts I didn’t understand in class, but we also go over examples and actually work through problems, which is immensely helpful. I would definitely recommend Lanterna, not only to someone who is struggling with the material but also to anyone who is looking for additional practice or feedback for exam preparation. My private tuition has been great and I just feel immensely grateful. Thank you so much Lanterna!!!”
Clara, International School Augsburg, Germany
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Spring Exam Preparation Course Students

“Attending the Lanterna courses helped me in subject areas I felt needed more attention. I now feel further motivated and prepared to do the IB exams this upcoming May, which will then contribute in achieving my desired grades.”
Lauren, American School of Barcelona, Spain
“My Lanterna experience has been absolutely amazing. Attending courses in both the summer and spring, has been a great way for me to review for my IB exams. […] It is incredible to see how much can be efficiently covered in such a short amount of time!”
Karl, International School of Luxemburg
“I love how intensive the courses are and the fact that we cover the entire syllabus. I think it is very helpful and you get back to school 100% prepared if you pay attention.”
Monica, King Edward’s School Witley, England
“Lanterna provides the students with an overview of a two year course in two days without compromising the quality. It’s really efficient and significantly increasedmy confidence to take my IB exams successfully. The tutors know exaactly what to focus on as they are exceptional IB alumni themselves. I am happy to have come twice and can strongly recommend them.”
Isabela, Collège Alpin Beau Soleil, Switzerland
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Winter Revision Course Students

“The fact that you feel more secure and know more about your strengths and weaknesses is worth a lot. It enables you to focus on what you need to focus on during the few weeks that follow before the exams. [The tutors] are incredibly engaged and helpful. They understand your situation and want to help as much as possible and they have the ability to give very lucid explanations.”
“I finally felt that I got the hang of it, finally I felt encouraged enough to actually understand that I can do this! The courses made me feel more prepared for my exams, not only thanks to the things we learned in class, but because of the great revision material we were given. I came to the revision courses hoping to learn enough to get a 5 in physics. On my final exam I wrote a 6!”
“I would like to tell you that it was the best experience I’ve ever had. I literally did not think that my confidence would boost to this extent. It’s been amazing, keep it up!”
Mariam, Ermitage International School of France
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Mid-IB Summer Course Students

“I had the most amazing time at Lanterna’s summer course! I felt that the tutor’s were very engaged in each student’s progress and I for one have learnt so much and feel so much more prepared for my last year of IB.”
Agnes, The British International School, Shanghai, China
“At Lanterna I enjoyed having an equal balance between work and fun. The Social Staff and friends I made during my stay will be the most memorable thing […] we had a great community going on. The learning was also top notch, and great for people who want to review the previous year of IB.”
Alex, Finland
“I attended the Summer Courses because I wanted to gain confidence in the subjects I was doing. Not that I did not get good grades, but in exams I felt that I didn’t know everything I needed to know and I wanted to get more comfortable with it. Now I feel like I have everything from a different perspective, you get a different way to tackle questions. It makes it easier to remember and ultimately easier to score the points for each question.”
Kaya, German European School of Singapore
“I really liked the Summer Courses because there was a really good balance between work, sports and relaxation. You go through massive amount of information, where they concentrate on the part you need help with. You can then relax so it doesn’t feel much like school. With IB, there is just a massive amount of information so it was good to be able to use the summer productively. I would recommend Lanterna’s summer courses to anyone who wants to improve the work they are already doing.”
Johannes, Mid-IB Summer Course Student, International School Hannover Region, Germany
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Pre-IB Summer Course Students

“Having attended Lanterna’s Pre-IB courses, I was blown away by the teacher’s knowledge, expertise and insight. Not only were the teachers and staff great, but the other students were some of the funniest and most brilliant people I’ve ever met! That’s exactly why I also decided to attend Lanterna’s Mid-IB and Easter courses. Join the Lanterna family!”
Victor, Berlin International School, Germany
“We’ve been learning lots of new things so I feel more prepared for next year and I know what’s ahead.”
Ebba, Malmö Borgarskola, Sweden
“I’ve been really enjoying my time at Lanterna – I love the activities with the social staff. I like how it’s so international and it’s great to meet new people and make new friends in such a multi-cultural context. The sports activities are fun and a great way to keep up with fitness. The course is really useful – I will now have a head start compared to the rest of my grade next year.”
Luca, International School Hannover Region, Germany
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