As exams get nearer, it can be hard to keep yourself motivated. In the run up to my final IB exams, I distinctly remember having several moments of self doubt. I would think to myself- what am I doing this? What is the point? Am I even going to get the grades I want?


Being nervous is completely normal, but constant self doubting is really frustrating. So one of the things I did, was make a list of every reason I had to keep working and stay motivated. Since IB exams will soon be upon us, I thought I’d share that list with you all:

  1. I took the IB because of it’s great.

I found this really hard to remember at times. Mixed in with the throng of IB memes and hate, it’s easy to forget why you chose the IB in the first place. Sometimes I used to reflect on the reasons behind my decision and remind myself that the IB is something I wanted to study

  1.  It’s going to take me to great places!

Again, this can be difficult to think about amidst the general stress of work but sometimes thinking about where the IB is taking you can be a good, reassuring exercise. If you have an awesome university offer, think about that. If you have a cool internship in the summer, look into that. Even if you don’t have any set plans- just remember how well respected the IB is as a qualification, and all the opportunities it’s going to bring you!

  1.  I’ve enjoyed lots of things throughout the course.

When I was particularly stressed out, I would have a negative view of everything I’d done recently. Everything was bad, everything was boring, everything was difficult. In moments when I was really struggling to work, I’d think about some of the things I’d done in class which I really enjoyed. I’d loved one of my world literature books in English, for example, and I’d found it super interesting learning about the Russian Revolution in History. Just reminding myself that I had enjoyed my lessons could make everything seem a little more bearable.

  1. I am going to have THE BEST SUMMER EVER!

If I’m honest, this is probably what kept me going the most. The summer after the IB is so great- it’s long, you have finished exams, and you can party/sleep/celebrate to your heart’s content. In moments of real desperation, I’d used to look up potential holiday destinations, or fun things me and my friends were going to do. While not all of these came to fruition (we didn’t end up going to Ibiza…) just the act of planning for the future made me feel more calm about the present.

As with everything study related, you’ve got to find what works for you personally. But whatever is on your list, just remember: you can do this! Sending all you final year students lots of lanterna love.

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