London – Dates & Subjects

Choose between a range of dates and subjects to tailor your Winter Course to fit your preferences and needs. With the extra homework you’ll be doing in between the days, we’ll be able to cover all of the core syllabus that you need to know for your exams.

  • Classes run Thursday January 2 – Sunday January 5, 2020

  • Choose up to 2 subjects from over 20 subjects

  • 16 hours of tuition per subject (8 hours per day)

  • Classes run from 08:30 – 18:00 each day
    (Registration at 08:00 on your first day)

Choose one subject (£395) per date range below

Period 1 
January 2 - 3
Period 2 
January 4 - 5
Biology HL
Good Availability
Biology SL
Good Availability
Business & Management SL/HL
Good Availability
Chemistry HL
Good Availability
Economics HL/SL
Good Availability
Geography SL/HL
Good Availability
History SL/HL
Good Availability
Maths HL
Good Availability
Maths SL
Good Availability
Good Availability
Physics HL
Good Availability

Can’t find your subject? Contact us and we will create a tailored package for your personal IB goals!

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