We know how important it is that deserving students should be able to take advantage of what we offer. That’s why we’ve always offered scholarship opportunities for those under financial duress. It also allows us to give back to the IB community, which gave us so much. For our different course sessions, we offer scholarships based on different criteria.

We recognise that there are many deserving students that for various reasons cannot attend as many courses as they would wish or any at all. This Winter we offer 1 place at our London Course to a student who can show evidence of financial hardship and demonstrate how attending the course could help them with their academic ambitions.

Application Criteria

We offer this scholarship based on one criteria, which is financial hardship: we realise that some students simply cannot afford to come to our courses. We firmly believe this should not hinder capable students from reaching their potential. The scholarship covers the full course fee. Accommodation and transport is not included. Parents and teachers can apply on the behalf of students. The application deadline for the Winter IB Scholarship is December 1st, 2019.

What’s Included?

The Scholarship covers the course fee of one winter revision course. This includes 16 hours of tuition over 2 days, course material, coffee, tea and snacks. Accommodation and travel expenses are not covered by the scholarship, and cannot be exchanged for a cash prize.

Your Application

It’s important that we give our scholarships to the most deserving IB students who fulfill the criteria. We want to get to know you – how you approach your studies, what you want to do after you’ve graduated. Just like applying to university, send us a personal statement telling us about you. The personal statement should be between 500 and 700 words. To make sure that we give the scholarships to those who need it most, please send us evidence of financial hardship.

If you’ve suffered from circumstances at school, we’ll need a teacher or coordinator to write us a statement detailing exactly how your learning has been disrupted.

Application Deadline

The application deadline for the Winter IB Scholarship is December 1st, 2019.

Submitting Your Application

Email the application as an attachment in MS Word compatible format or in PDF format to Name the attachment according to the following model: “lastname_school.doc/.pdf”. For example, the file could be named: johansson_sevenoaks.docx. The student’s name, date of birth, and school should be specified at the top of the document as well.

Contact us if you need to send supporting material by fax or post.

There is no limit to the amount of students from one school who may apply, though only one application can be submitted per student.


The winning contributions will be decided by a jury consisting of the management team at Lanterna Education. The jury’s decision will be final.

Scholarship Notification

Everyone who has applied for the scholarship will be notified of the jury’s decision by email, on December 8th 2019.