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International Marketing Officer

Life at Lanterna Education

People and culture make Lanterna a great place to work. We are a small team of extremely dedicated, motivated and hard working individuals, committed to our goal of improving the lives and education of IB students all over the world.

Our organisation is made up of high-performing, ambitious team-players. We strive to stretch each other, challenge each other and to push ourselves to be better every day.

But most of all, Lanterna is a fun place to work. We believe that every person on our team should wake up and be happy to go to work, to feel fulfilled by their roles and be supported as they continue to grow. Lanterna does all of this and more- providing the best possible atmosphere in which to make magic happen!

As a fast-growing, dynamic company, with customers from over 70 different countries and 400 schools worldwide, we are often looking for new recruits to join our full time team.


Working with Lanterna gave me real responsibility from the first day. I loved working with an inspiring team and feel lucky to have had such a positive and fun working environment.

In my role, I also had the opportunity to travel the world meeting a large variety of people and sharing my experience with current IB students.

Nanna Helsén, Head of Sales

I really like having colleagues that truly care, about me and about our vision as a company. You get to work and feel the positive energy because everyone wants to achieve amazing things!

Sara Zäll, Director of Operations

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