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Tutoring is about having the winning combination of knowledge and the ability to communicate. We only recruit top IB graduates to join our team of elite IB tutors – if that’s you, then apply here!

The Role of an Online Tutor

Our online tutors are responsible for providing tailored 1-on-1 tuition in their specific subject(s) and assisting students with Extended Essays, Lab Reports and TOK assignments via an online teaching platform.

This includes preparing for sessions, making teaching plans for courses of varying duration and academic complexity to meet the student’s specific needs; running your lessons  giving homework, giving the student valuable feedback; and ensuring your student completes tuition with more knowledge and confidence, ready to face the rest of their time in the IB.

Typical Tutor Profile

  • Completed the IB Diploma successfully
  • Achieved a 7 at HL in subjects they tutor or a 7 at SL if the subject is to be tutored at SL only
  • Scored highly overall, generally with 40 or more points
  • Bring a positive outlook and strong work ethic to everything they do
  • Excellent ability to communicate knowledge in a simple, friendly and effective way
  • Passionate about their subject(s) and passing on their knowledge and experiences
  • Excited by the prospect of sharing their knowledge

Why work with us?

We offer a great opportunity for you to gain fun, engaging and intellectually stimulating work experience where you help develop the IB community that you are part of yourself. You will be paid competitive wages while gaining valuable experience and skills to boost your C.V., as well as the confidence that you will develop from planning, preparing and tutoring your students.

Many of our former tutors have moved on to work for renowned companies and organisations all over the world, while others have pursued a career in academia and research. As Lanterna is constantly growing, we are also regularly looking to recruit for full time positions and have often recruited former tutors as permanent members of the Lanterna team!

Recruitment Process

Screening your application
After submitting your application below you can expect to hear from us to let you know about the details of the next steps. We hold interviews on a rolling basis throughout the year so we aim to get back to you as soon as possible. If we think that you have the potential to become a great Lanterna tutor who would make a valuable addition to our team, you will be invited to an online interview session.

During the online interview, you will be asked to teach one of your subjects to Lanterna staff as if they were one of your students. This is for us to be able to evaluate your explanatory, communication and inter-personal skills and make sure that you are passionate about the subject you are teaching.

Joining the tutor team

A successful online teaching session means that you will join the Lanterna team of online tutors! Before teaching for the first time you will attend intensive training and will be assigned a Lanterna Tutor Parent who will be there to advise and mentor you based on their extensive experience tutoring your subjects with us.

You will then be contacted with opportunities to work with specific students through Online Private Tuition. You may also be contacted with regard to other work such as preparation of tutor material. We are aware, however, that your availability to work with us will be dependent on your studies, and we always seek to be as flexible as possible in order to accommodate the needs of our tutors.

Application Below

*Please note that if you do not have the right to be self-employed in the UK, we are currently unable to process your application

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