Meet the team behind the scenes

At Lanterna, we’re all extremely proud of our background and collective experience with the IB. Meet the team who are hard at work, behind the scenes, to put our courses together and help our students succeed.

Finn Wachtmeister
Finn WachtmeisterCEO
Finn does a little bit of everything to help make Lanterna bigger and better. He joined Lanterna with experience from the international education market, as well as the travel and hospitality industry. Outside of work you might find him cuddling with cows at the farm he is from in Sweden or skiing down a mountain.
Nanna Helsén
Nanna HelsénDirector of Business Development
Nanna helps Finn do a little bit of everything to help make Lanterna bigger and better with her international experience in sales and marketing. She loves to explore, especially new countries. When time is limited she explores restaurants, TV series, and new local areas together with friends and family (that she is satisfied with and don’t need to replace by exploring new). Just kidding, she loves everyone and everyone loves her!
Sara Zäll
Sara ZällDirector of Operations
Being a third-culture-kid and having attended International Schools, Sara knows all about the struggles of IB. After completing her studies, she’s now joined the Lanterna team to make sure our tutors and courses are the best in the world. When she’s not holding interviews or managing our courses, you can find her visiting her family in Sigtuna, Sweden!
Freddie Ohlsson
Freddie OhlssonHead of School Relations
Freddie, contrary to what his traditionally Swedish-sounding name might have you believing, is a true citizen of the world. Having attended international schools around the world since the age of 7, home is a hard place for him to define, but now he has found a home at Lanterna! When he’s not busy traveling across Europe motivating IB students, he finds himself creating music, watching any and all sports, and making memories with friends & family!
Liam Travers
Liam TraversInternational Marketing Officer
Having lived in England for his whole life, Liam is excited to join Lanterna and discover Stockholm. As a keen Geographer, he’s looking forward to exploring all corners of Europe as he inspires IB students. When Liam’s not writing about his bizarre adventures, you can find him trying to make Swedish friends!

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